Journalism Without Walls – Ecuador

Journalism Without Walls – Ecuador, For a journey into the jungle.
Get your questions answered about this summer’s exciting, once-in-a-lifetime Journalism Without Walls trip to the Amazonian jungle, the Andes mountains and Quito, Ecuador.

Roy Gutman

Pulitzer Prize winner Roy Gutman

Roy Gutman, who won the Pulitzer Prize for alerting the world to ethnic cleansing during the Balkans war, and who has won many other international and human rights reporting prizes for his courageous journalism, will talk about his most recent work covering the civil war in Syria on Wednesday, March 29, during campus lifetime.


To the Moon, Mars and New Mexico

Ever dream of becoming the first journalist in space? Take JRN 390/590 (Science Journalism Practicum) this spring and get an unusual chance to learn science reporting by covering research that will help NASA plan to send astronauts to the Moon and beyond.