The Smile Child

Jimin Kim
After surviving a chimp attack, Dunia Sibomana finds a new life in America on his journey to regain his smile.


Canines of Cuba

With this photo gallery, we pay tribute to the best hounds we met in Havana and around the country. We would have adopted them all if we could.


Cuba: A New Reality

Despite the crumbling infrastructure and societal problems in Cuba, art thrives in the city of Havana.


Art Toys

Their eyes look back at you, staring from every windowsill, case and shelf inside Aaron Hulsizer’s Brooklyn apartment. The three-eyed Yoda easily intrigues some visitors.


Empowered with Pink Gloves

Pink Gloves Boxing, a national female fitness program, helps its members at Stony Brook University feel stronger both mentally and physically.


Stony Brook News Partners with Meteorology Club

The Stony Brook News has joined with students in Stony Brook University’s Meteorology Club to strengthen the newscast’s weather forecasts, and by all accounts, the alliance is working.
Students in the club who have volunteered have each been matched with a Stony Brook News weather anchor to help produce a weekly weather segment.
According to Dahlia Ibrahim, the managing editor of the Stony Brook News, previously the show relied on second-hand sources like for its forecasts. As a result, the weather anchors couldn’t offer any real meteorological explanations.


Feature Stories

By Eric Santiago

The Stony Brook University School of Journalism produced its third live show this past Saturday – setting a new bar for the school’s student-run broadcasts.

The show covered Wolfstock, Stony Brook’s annual homecoming celebration and football game. At this time last year, the original Wolfstock Live had 264 views on it’s Vimeo page, but one year later, Wolfstock Live 2014 has over 400 views– adding up to a nearly 60 percent increase since last year. With guests like Globetrotter Anthony Buckets Blake and SBU President Samuel Stanley, it’s not hard to see why.

Planning for the show began soon after production finished on Roth Regatta Live, the SOJ’s last live show which aired last May. This gave Executive Producers Dahlia Ibrahim and Jessica Suarez five months to prepare, as opposed to the half month the showrunners of the original Wolfstock Live had to work with.