Open your mind to doing the things you already know

by Dipti Kumar

When I started my fall investigative internship with the magazine show “Inside Edition,” I walked in with expectations that any graduate student would have. The excitement to take on stories that uncover frauds, scammers and even vermin-infested restaurants sold me on the idea of doing investigative journalism.


This Internship Prepared Me for What Lies Ahead

by Marina Liao

This summer as an intern for IN New York and Where magazine it has made me realize what I want to do as a journalist and what I don’t want to do in the future. You have to start somewhere and I started at a listings publication that consisted of a small staff of 30 people.


Big Lessons from a Small Newspaper

by Yoon Seo Nam

Downtown Express, a bi-weekly newspaper serving Lower Manhattan, boasts only one editor, one editorial assistant. Along with several contributors, this tiny band produces the paper. It’s a very small newspaper; however, it was enough for me to have a lot of experiences in journalism.


I now fully grasp the saying “the news never sleeps.”

By Lindsey Welling

The newsroom was not made completely of glass windows as I had expected the first time I heard WTOP, a radio station in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, referred to as the glass-enclosed nerve center. In fact, there were very few windows to let the moonlight in at the time I’d walk into the newsroom.

Carrie Miller headshot

Every day was a new story

By Carrie Miller

I would say a lot of my time in this position was running teleprompter, pulling file footage and getting scripts ready. It wasn’t until I asked to shadow the producer overnight that I really benefited from the experience. Looking back, I wish I had asked sooner.


In Alaska, lessons learned in class come alive

By Gavin Stern

Mountains stand guard over the City of Seward, still capped with snow in the middle of summer. Beneath them, boats full of halibut and salmon return from the fertile fishing grounds of the Bering Sea. Campers watch from the black, shale-rock shore. Whale spouts and sea otters are a common sight, as is the sun, which shines 22 hours a day this time of year.

Sara Sonnack

Working with CBS This Morning

By Sara Sonnack

At 3:30 a.m. on Saturday mornings when most people my age were either still awake or just getting home, I was leaving for work. Being on a Tuesday through Saturday schedule while working for “CBS This Morning: Saturday” took some getting used to. It also introduced the Saturday afternoon nap into my schedule. This internship was a lot of hard work and some of my free time had to be sacrificed, but I learned a lot along the way.


From newspapers to niche

By Matt Gerardi

I’m probably not surprising anyone by saying that my time spent with The Gameological Society wasn’t your typical journalism internship. A significant portion of my first day was spent playing games in my web browser, searching for gems among the near-infinite mounds of derivative drivel.

Nicole Indelicato

What I learned about myself, journalism at Newsday

By Nicole Indelicato

Today is Thursday, August 13, 2009 and the last day of my internship. I can honestly say that I have grown tremendously as a reporter and as a person in the past 24 days.
Allow me to first talk about what I’ve learned:I’ve learned not to be afraid to write obituaries.


Newsday internship increases student’s desire for journalism job

By Najib Aminy

It’s sometimes hard to be an optimist when I am pursuing a major in journalism, which is considered a dying field. There is the uncertainty of landing a job, the thought of other career paths or the concern of even enjoying what one does. My experience during my summer internship at Newsday, a hyper-local daily paper covering Long Island, quelled my concerns of having a career in journalism.


Being an intern to remember at Channel 2 in Buffalo

By Gregory Bernardi

If my summer at Channel 2 in Buffalo, New York taught me anything it was, above all else, that original reporting is rewarded. At the start of every shift was a news meeting, where reporters, photographers, and assignment editors would toss around story ideas for that day’s news.


The New York Daily News business desk

By Will James

It’s funny how much war correspondence and business reporting overlap at the intern level. Before I began work at the New York Daily News business desk in February, I underestimated the physical demands of the riding the Long Island Rail Road and looking at a computer screen for five to eleven hours a day while not moving from a chair.

Sarah Kazadi

Growing responsibilities at CBS2

By Sarah Kazadi

When I received an acceptance letter from Kathleen Kelly telling me that I had been accepted into the Summer 2009 Internship program, I knew I was lucky to be chosen. In a media market as large as New York City’s, being involved in any way in CBS2’s goal of delivering information to the public was a privilege I felt I hadn’t done enough to receive. I started May 26, 2009. I

Michael Kelly internship teaches importance of Web journalism

By Michael Kelly

When I first heard about the internship, I had no idea what to make of it- the only thing I was certain of was that it was probably something not up my alley. I viewed myself as a writer, who wanted to get into either investigative or sports journalism; at Stony Brook my concentration was Web journalism, but my goal was to be able to learn the necessary coding to be able to run a blog, not a content-driven Web site.


Interning at National Geographic Adventure Magazine

By Meagan O’Connell

For the spring semester of my senior year, I worked as a photo research intern at National Geographic Adventure Magazine in New York City. I wanted to combine my interest in photography and travel and simply found the internship by searching the publication’s website.