Professional Fridays visits Cheddar and NY1

Stony Brook University students ventured into Manhattan on Friday, March 23rd, to network with alums working at journalistic organizations and get a behind the scenes look at what a job in the industry is like. The two organizations that were visited were Cheddar and NY1.

At Cheddar, journalism students met with SBU School of Journalism alum Philly Bubaris (a producer) and Liam Roecklein (executive producer). When Stony Brook students asked Liam what makes Cheddar stand apart from similar organizations, he said “We are business news geared towards a more diverse, young audience range.” They cover similar topics to Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal, but frame it in a way that would be appealing and more understandable to younger audiences. Philly Bubaris classified Cheddar as “traditional tv on a non-traditional platform.” She told students that to be a “memorable” intern, they should be “news junkies” in the sense that they never stop consuming the news.

After a brief lunch hiatus downtown, they hopped on the train to NY1 in the Chelsea Market building to meet with Stony Brook alum Kayla Shults and political reporter Grace Rauh. Shults walked students through how she started at NY1 as a freelance reporter and worked her way up to her current position. Some aspects that potential applicants should have are good clips, an open mind, and a good work ethic. Shults also stated that confidence is key in the journalism industry. “Confidence, not cockiness,” she said. Grace Rauh shone some light on how journalists network to break into the industry and develop stories. “As an intern, be game for everything and do your best to be energized…personal networks are your best assets.” Once the group thanked Shults and Rauh for their time, they disbanded in front of Chelsea Market and made their way home.

Reported by Frank Gargano

Photos by Diamond Bridges