CBS newsman Randall Pinkston Gives Keynote Speech for Black History Month

Randall Pinkston has been a New York-based CBS News correspondent since 1994. He reports for the CBS Evening News and contributes to other CBS News broadcasts. Pinkston has covered many major stories of the past decade for CBS News, including Baghdad, where he reported on the post-war reconstruction of Iraq. He also reported on the war in Afghanistan from the front lines in Tora Bora and Jalalabad; the devastating earthquake in Turkey; the Albanian refugee crisis in Kosovo and the U.S. military participation in the Balkans; Saddam Hussein’s refusal to allow U.N. inspection officers to enter Iraq; the U.S. intervention in Haiti; the Susan Smith trial, during which he broke the story of her arrest and landed the first interview with her ex-husband, David Smith; the Freemen siege in Montana; and the Unabomber story.

Pinkston is the recipient of three national Emmy Awards and two for local news coverage. In 1996, he received an Emmy for Outstanding Investigative Journalism and the Edward R. Murrow Award from the RTNDA for the documentary, CBS Reports: Legacy of Shame. Pinkston served as the reporter. The broadcast was inspired by the landmark 1960 CBS documentary, Harvest of Shame, with Edward R. Murrow. Pinkston also won Emmy Awards for coverage of the death of Princess Diana in 1998 and for coverage of the TWA Flight 800 disaster in 1997.