The Great Debate: Electoral College rescheduled for Nov. 29

Great Debate: The Electoral College

Is the electoral college – the manner in which the United States chooses its president – a weird mechanism that has outlived its original shaky rationale? Or does it ensure that the President of the United States has popular support and that this support is sufficiently well distributed throughout the country?

Come to Humanities 1006 on Thursday, November 29, 2012, 4:00 p.m. and see this debate play out. All are welcome. The audience will vote for the winner (by a simple majority) and a reception will follow.

Speaker of the House:
James Klurfeld, SBU School of Journalism

Parliamentary Whip:
Malcolm Bowman, SBU School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences

Government Team (in favor of abolishing the Electoral College):
Robert Keeler has been employed for more than 40 years at Newsday, covering local, state and national issues. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for profiling a parish in Westbury.

Charles Lavine has been the New York State Assemblyman representing the 13th Assembly District since 2004. He is a lawyer specializing in criminal defense cases.

Opposition Team (against abolishing the Electoral College):
Jonathan Sanders is Associate Professor of Journalism at SBU. He is also an Edward R. Murrow award winning international reporter for CBS News and a Fulbright Scholar.

Harry Withers has served as the Deputy Director of Planning, the Commissioner of the Board of Elections, the Commissioner of ConsumerAffairs, and as a Town Councilman for Suffolk County, and is a former Chairman of the Suffolk County GOP.terests: Public policy; Federalism.

Hosted by The Humanities Institute at Stony Brook and co-sponsored by the Schools of Journalism and Marine & Atmospheric Sciences.