SOJ Grad Adrian Carrasquillo joins BuzzFeed as a Breaking News Reporter

Congratulations to Stony Brook University School of Journalism class of 2009 graduate Adrian Carrasquillo, who has announced he is leaving NBC Latino and joining BuzzFeed as a Breaking News Reporter in June.

“NBC Latino and NBCNews have treated me amazingly and it’s been an honor to work for a real news organization,” Carrasquillo said of the move. “Just first class from top to bottom. But excited to take on the challenge of figuring out how breaking news can and should work in the social web. To everyone in the Latino space, I will have a note to follow with more info on why even though I’m leaving “Latino” news, I’ll always be surfacing stories and voices that matter to the community. You’re not getting rid of me.”

Good luck at BuzzFeed, Adrian!