Former Associated Press War Correspondent Chelsea Carter gave presentation on October 14

Former AP correspondent Chelsea Carter, recently home after 18 months covering the war in Iraq, met with Journalism students at Stony Brook University October 14.

She gave a multi-media presentation of photos and audio reports at an open-to-all-students event in SAC Ballroom B on Thursday from 11:20 to 12:40.

Carter was one of the earliest multi-media reporters at the AP, a masterful writer who added video and audio skills to her reporter’s toolbox long before most of her peers.

Prior to her Iraq assignment, she worked as an AP military affairs reporter in San Diego and was aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln for President George Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech.

Carter joined the AP in Charleston, W.Va., in 1996 after working as a reporter for the Lodi News-Sentinel and The Sacramento Union in California. Later that year she transferred to Atlanta, where she was recognized by Associated Press Managing Editors with the 1997 John L. Dougherty Award, which singles out AP’s most accomplished young reporters. She transferred to the New York City bureau in 1998 and was named Orange County, Calif., correspondent in 1999. Carter was named an AP National Writer in 2003.

A year later, she won the first of two consecutive Front Page Awards for feature writing from the Newswoman’s Club of New York for a serial narrative about the final week of high school, from prom to graduation, for U.S. military dependents in Germany whose parents were deployed to Iraq.

In 2005 Carter helped launch “asap“, one of AP’s first editorial initiatives in more than a decade. Its aim was to serve AP clients with multi-media reports and content of interest to younger readers. In that role, she met with editors and senior producers nationwide to explain the project, while also leading reporting projects and modeling the kind of platform agnosticism asap demanded of reporters. Carter is a graduate of California State University at Sacramento.