The final Professional Fridays in New York City trip of the semester

20131115_121750 copyBy Nujbat Meraji

[pullquote]Be open to what the facts might show if they go against what you believe. – Marcy McGinnis, Senior Vice President of News, Al Jazeera American[/pullquote]The School of Journalism’s final Professional Fridays in New York City trip of the fall 2013 semester brought students to  Al Jazeera America, The New York Daily News and NBC News.

Professors Dean Miller, Jonathan Sanders and Ilana Ozernoy led the group of students around New York City, starting first at the Daily News Building where they met Stony Brook University graduate Frank Posillico.

Posillico, an Online Photo Editor at The New York Daily News, served as an inspiration to the students as he explained how he has worked his way up to his current position.

Students took his words to heart as he said, “Always say yes. If you do not know how to do it, learn it.”

[pullquote]The last gatekeeper is always in your head. The words that come out of your mouth are the ones you are going to have to watch. – Del Walters, Anchor at Al Jazeera America[/pullquote]Students then met with Marcy McGinnis, Senior Vice President of News at Al Jazeera and former School of Journalism Associate Dean.

Al Jazeera may have originated from the Middle East and have a reputation of being biased, but one of the most important lessons students learned from their trip to Al Jazeera America its main goal is to provide news without any fear or bias.

When asked by a student what she would say to people who link Al Jazeera America to Jihads or terrorists, McGinnis explained calmly that she would ask them to first watch the shows and then decide.

At Al Jazeera, students got the opportunity to be in the studio as well as the control room when the afternoon news was being live broadcasted. They later spoke to Del Walters, the anchor of the show, who shared insight in to what makes a person a good reporter and how to be cautious when consuming news from different sources.

[pullquote] Don’t limit your options. How you think a network might work is probably totally different from the reality. – Marc Schwartz, Production Assistant at MSNBC[/pullquote]At NBC, Daniel Slepian, Investigative Producer for Dateline, told students that he feels journalists have the power to save people’s lives through the stories they share. On the other hand, Marc Schwartz, Production Assistant at MSNBC, compared the news broadcasting business to the world of show business, explaining that no matter what challenges are faced in a newsroom, “The show must go on.”

Slepian encouraged students to go out on their own and find what they’re passionate about, whereas Schwartz reminded students to always have a pulse on the news of the world at all times. Students also had the pleasure of visiting three famous NBC studios: Nightly News with Brian Williams, Saturday Night Live and Today Show.

The last stop for the trip was a visit to the Paley Center for Media where Professor Miller explained the importance of looking at the archives of historic events when doing research for any article. It is a refuge of classic media for students looking to dig  deep in the visual history of news.

[pullquote] I get so excited about every trip and about every new experience that the school of journalism has to offer us. I would recommended it to everyone! – Ivana Stolnik, SBU journalism student [/pullquote]The final trip of the semester came at an end at around 4 pm. Students were heard talking to each other about already starting to apply for internships in the news agencies.

Seeing the world of news broadcasting up close cemented the students’ dreams for the future, as they felt awe at the opportunities awaiting them.


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