SOJ student chosen for Brookhaven National Laboratory Internship

Natalie Crnosija

Natalie Crnosija

In two weeks Natalie Crnosija will graduate, but in less than a month she will have already started a paid internship writing for a Nobel Prize-winning national lab.

The senior Journalism major was accepted into the Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Media and Communications Office internship, where she will work until April.

“I hope to get a lot of experience in science writing and be able to not only hone those techniques, but also write about a lot of different types of science,” said Crnosija.

Based on Long Island, she will be held to the same standards as the professional staff in the Media and Communications Office. Crnosija will have the opportunity to write about some of the most prominent scientists from all over the world, on a wide variety of topics.

“Everything from biology to nanotechnology and it’s just all tremendously interesting,” said Crnosija.