J-school graduates win awards in N.Y. Press Association’s Better Newspapers Contest

Brittany Wait, who completed her degree last year, was one of four graduates of Stony Brook University’s journalism program who were recognized in the New York Press Association’s Better Newspapers Contest.

The other recipients included Matt Calamia, Class of 2010, who received two awards in reporting, Elana Glowatz, Class of 2010, who received third place in her division for best front pages for The Port Times Record and Executive Editor Rachel (O’Brien) Shapiro, Class of 2008 who received second place for editorials. Each of these reporters work at one or more of the Times Beacon Record newspapers.

The contest, which normally includes about 4,000 entries each year, has taken place since 1930. Judges evaluate reporters by comparing their journalism to the work found in other similar news organizations.