Three fulltime positions are open at Aol Tech. Feel free to send any resumes and inquiries to me at I’m also always looking for freelancers for This Built America.

Video creative director. TechCrunch. Run a video studio, oversee a team of shooters, interact with writers, and create smart sharp viral video along with strategize around bigger ideas for episodic video series. This position is based in SF and has a salary commensurate with living in the Bay Area.

Senior editor/writer. TechCrunch. Want to blog and write for the best tech blog in the world? There’s a position open at TC for a senior writer/editor. You’ll need to be able to work in a fast-paced, always on environment, feel comfortable publishing with little editing or oversight, but you’ll get a lot of freedom to cover technology in all its forms. Should have strong background in finance, particularly venture financing, and a substantial background in vetting deals and start-ups. This is based in SF and again has a salary commensurate with living in the Bay Area

Writer. Engadget. We are looking for a writer who can write about consumer electronics technology in a way that makes it knowable to a mainstream audience, but doesn’t turn off our hardcore geeks. This is a beginner/midlevel position, based in New York, and could be a great job for someone just a couple of years out of college. The team at Engadget has really turned over the writing and editing at Engadget in recent months so if you love tech and its intersection with society and consumers, this could be a great job for you.

Finally, I am looking for freelance writers who have a strong narrative nonfiction style of writing, but great reporting chops to write episodes of This Built America. We are looking for writers in Oregon, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Dakota, Oklahoma and a few other states. So again feel free to send resume and writing samples to me.