Crosson Scholarship Internship

by Agata Michalak

Fall 2014 I started my Crosson scholarship Internship at Newsday, and News12. In my toughest semester yet I dealt with an 18 credit work load, an internship, training and two jobs to help pay for school and the cost of traveling to and from the internship. The rotating internship allowed me to experience print, online and TV news. As a broadcast track student, I was most excited to work at News12 and at the end of the internship, I ended up enjoying the work at News 12 most. Not only because it was broadcast but also because I got to cover something I am very interested in, sports.

My internship began at Newsday where I spent my days as a reporter waiting for a story to write assigned by my editor. I was usually assigned obituaries. Writing obituaries taught me how to speak with families that had recently lost a loved one. Through many awkward phone conversations I learned how to be sympathetic with people while still getting the information I needed. My editor and I would sit down and review what I had written before it was published. I realized at that point that no matter how what your writing style is, editors will always tailor your writing to their preference. So I began to learn how each editor likes the articles written and wrote to please the editor.

The internship at was much less writing based. I learned how to aggregate news through AP wire systems. I kept an eye out for all the confirmed breaking news stories. In the system Polopoly, I learned how the website is run. This included where certain stories would be placed on the website. When I found a breaking story I would often copy it to the site or sometimes I was asked to re-write the story with information from several sources to make it a Newsday story not an AP story. I also made photo galleries which consisted of aggregating photos and arranging them in Polopoly. Also in Polopoly I learned how to control comments made by readers on the website.

The last part of the internship was at News12 Sports. There, I put what I learned in school to use. I used their Final Cut program to cut clips together which the anchor would read his script to. Before that I would often watch the entire footage, or game, that I would have to cut. Certain days I was sent out into the field to cover sports in the local area and interview the players afterwards. I was also given the opportunity to write the script for the replacement anchor.

I learned the most in the last part of my internship because I was given the most opportunity to speak with sources and given the most hands on tasks. At News 12 I also learned that the work being done there is a lot less stressful than the worked asked of us in school. I really enjoyed working and learning at News 12, that the short period of time spend there was not enough and I extended my internship from finishing on the last week of November to the end of December. This News12 internship gave me a great base foundation of working at a sports broadcast station and will help me get to my goal of working as a sports broadcaster.