Interning at HGTV Magazine

By Lisa Setyon

Right after interning for a start-up fashion magazine in the fall semester, I decided to apply for HGTV magazine where I got an offer for spring semester.

Despite the fact that I was already enrolled in three upper-level journalism courses, including the Senior Project class, I decided to accept the offer and go to the city every Thursday and Friday.

From Day One, my two supervisors assigned me work. While primarily working at the features department, I also got the opportunity to look at other departments and the process of making a magazine.

My primary duties at HGTV consisted of transcribing interviews, generating new ideas for the “How Bad Is It?” section of the magazine, and, in the end, writing short articles for that section. The section quizzes readers on the health risks of daily habits.

I also got the chance to go to a flower photo-shoot and to look at the other magazine studios, including Cosmo’s.

Even though I wasn’t reporting stories, I realized that I was immersed in journalism. Everything was fast paced, and everybody was always busy looking for the next story to report and publish in the magazine.

This internship has taught me that it is important to do all the tasks you are assigned and to do them well. You also have to show that you want to do more. By always telling them that I wanted to do more, I got to be more involved in meetings and projects.

Writing for the “How Bad Is It” section has reinforced my willingness to write for a magazine or a newspaper.

This internship had made me realize that the school shouldn’t just focus on broadcast and online journalism that much. The school should also focus on print and push students to have interest in it.

I’d like future students willing to intern somewhere to realize that having good grades is not enough to succeed. You need to intern as much as you can in order to truly find what you are interested in.

Because I got to intern for French and American magazines, I now know that writing is my passion and what I’d like to do in the future.