Technical skills soared over the summer

By Julianne Cuba

Coming from a reporting internship at Times Beacon Record Newspapers this past spring semester, my summer internship at Westchester Magazine was very different. Both good and bad.

Good because I learned new technical skills and because now I know what I want out of my career in journalism, and bad because it didn’t feel as rewarding.

I loved my reporting internship because I wrote original stories, conducted interviews and usually met with each of the people I was writing about.

It was very intimate.

On the contrary, at my magazine internship, I felt the writing was much more on the surface. I wrote stories aggregated from other websites/press releases, and it didn’t feel as personal or detailed as past stories I have written—the thing I love most about writing and journalism.

What also upset me was the lack of separation between the magazine’s editorial and advertising agencies—one of the ethical challenges for publications that we have learned about in class.

What I really enjoyed about my internship was learning how to upload articles and content and generally how to use a content managing system, including creating and sending out newsletters. Though it’s not the most fun part of journalism, it is extremely helpful and important to know how to do in this digital age.

I learned the importance of teaser tags/meta tags and creating both SEO friendly headlines and URL’s. I had no idea you could alter the URL of an article to make something more search friendly for Google analytics! Now I know! And it’s really cool!

I also grew as a journalist because, as it was with many of the stories I wrote, I only had press releases or previously written articles to work with, but I was able to create my own engaging story with a new twist or angle.

Though my experience wasn’t as rewarding for me as my reporting internship, it still offered a lot. I’m glad I was able to survey and learn from two different journalistic forums, a newspaper and now a magazine, because both of them increased and broadened my skill set.