Charles Haddad

Charles Haddad
Associate Professor

N4011 Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library
631-632-1094 (x2-1094)

Author of the irreverent writing un-textbook “Pity the Poor Reader,” Associate Professor Charles Haddad teaches writing. His lessons are based on 30 years of writing experience, which includes two adult novels and three children’s novels. His latest novel, “Curse of the Bearded Girlfriend,” was published in 2015. He also had an extensive journalism career, writing one of the first successful online columns and award-winning writing and editing work for such major publications as Business Week magazine. He spent ten years covering the likes of Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoch and Steven Jobs, among and others.

At present, Haddad teaches journalism and narrative nonfiction writing at Stony Brook University, where has also taken students overseas to do reporting in China, Russia and Korea. Previously, he has taught nonfiction writing at Emory University and served as director of a Knight Fellowship that promoted excellence in medical and public health journalism. As part of that fellowship, he ran training programs for journalists from around the world, including conferences in India and China. He’s a graduate of Harvard University and Sarah Lawrence College.