Harvey Aronson

Harvey Aronson

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Harvey Aronson is the author of seven books, both fiction and non-fiction. They include alternate selections of the Book-of-the-Month Club and the Literary Guild. He was a contributing editor of Cosmopolitan, and has written for New York Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Sport, Newsweek, Ladies Home Journal, and Good-Housekeeping. He was co-editor of the hoax “dirty” novel, Naked Came the Stranger, which has been translated into seven languages.

A graduate of Syracuse University, Aronson went from a town beat and general assignment reporter at Newsday to assistant chief copyeditor, feature writer, and columnist. He covered school integration in New Orleans and Birmingham, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Cuban exodus–he was held captive on a dock in Varadero Beach for two weeks–and the 1964 Presidential campaign. He was the founding editor of the paper’s Long Island Life section.

Before leaving Newsday in 2004, Aronson was a senior editor. He was the paper’s writing coach and an editor on both the news and feature desks, espousing narrative journalism before the term became popular. He directed two of the paper’s most ambitious projects–”Long Island: Our Story,” a year-long look at the island’s past and present; and “Long Island: Our Natural World,” a 13-month exploration of its woods and waters. Aronson is also the editor of five Newsday books, including American Lives, the story of men and women lost on September 11. He shepherded a special package on the Baby Jane Doe case that was the centerpiece of Newsday’s 1986 Pulitzer Prize for local reporting.