Fritzi Weinstein Reporting Scholarship

Fritzi Weinstein Scholarship recipient Kelly Zegers, center, with Dean Howard Schneider and Ilene Schneider and her parents

The purpose of the Fritzi Weinstein Scholarship is to identify and reward an outstanding female journalism major who demonstrates tenacity and persistence in getting to the bottom of stories. Through her work, the candidate must demonstrate enterprise reporting and ingenuity, a passion for working in the public interest and the ability to overcome obstacles in completing her assignments.

The scholarship winner will receive $1000 to be applied toward tuition at Stony Brook University.

Fritzi Weinstein was an inveterate news consumer for nearly a century–she died at 103—and a passionate advocate for the press’ role in holding public officials accountable for their actions, something she made abundantly clear in the letters she routinely wrote to newspapers. She equally believed that reporters needed to be aggressive and fearless in their pursuit of the truth. This memorial scholarship was established by Fritzi Weinstein’s daughter, Ilene Schneider, and her husband, Howard Schneider, dean of the School of Journalism.