At The Rush Hour Daily

By Michael DeSantis

With my internship at Rush Hour Daily having come to an end, it’s appropriate to reflect on all that I learned this summer.

Throughout my time at Rush Hour Daily, I was able to do the journalistic work that I love: sportswriting. The best part of my experience was getting to interview professional mixed martial artists and hearing with my own ears what they had to say about their careers. MMA is a hard sport to get into, and success is far from guaranteed. Given the amount of time that fighters spend training to compete just three to four times a year for not a lot of money, I felt it was a privilege to talk to athletes who truly love their sport.

In addition to interviewing professional athletes and covering the sports that I love, I was able to copy-edit others’ articles. That was an honor, because I might have been the only intern granted this opportunity. I attribute this honor to my polished grammar and strong writing skills, which I have Stony Brook University’s School of Journalism to thank for.

If I had one regret during this internship, it would maybe be interviewing fewer athletes than I could have. I am thankful for the ones I got to interview, though; you can never interview too many people. I still know that this is only the beginning of my journalistic career, and I am looking forward to conducting many more interviews in the future with interesting people and sharing those interviews with the sports world.

Still, it’s hard to have regrets when most things went smoothly. My internship coordinators regarded me as one of their strongest writers right off the bat and one of their best interns overall. The best part is, I know I’m only getting started with my journalism career. Again, I’d like to thank the J-school for preparing me so well. My experiences through my first three years of college, as well as through my position as sports editor with the Stony Brook Press, were invaluable in setting me up for this opportunity.

To any Stony Brook student considering doing an internship here, or anywhere: You have to love what you do. To succeed, you have to have a passion for journalism, whether it’s reporting, writing, copy-editing, broadcasting or any combination of the above.

All in all, I feel very fortunate to have spent my summer writing about sports for Rush Hour Daily. I got to do what I love, it will help me on my career path (both as experience and resume-wise) and I didn’t have to go back to working at a summer camp for a sixth straight summer. This was a great opportunity, and I’m looking forward to the next chapters of my life in journalism.