The Major in Journalism

As technology accelerates the dissemination of news, information and disinformation around the clock and around the world, the need for well-trained and independent-minded journalists has never been greater.

The journalism major program at Stony Brook is designed to prepare the next generation of journalists for careers in all forms of journalism.

The course of study emphasizes traditional journalistic values and skills, and the ability to succeed in a rapidly-evolving multi-media landscape. Students study news reporting, writing, editing and producing for all platforms.

They develop an appreciation for the mission of the press in a democratic society, standards of ethical and responsible journalism and are expected to leave the program with a passion for the public interest and the courage to do the right thing in the face of unprecedented misinformation and competition.

To prepare for the future, all students are required to take courses in broadcast, print and online journalism, learning to work and think across multiple media platforms, before taking advanced courses in one of those during their final semesters of study.

Students have the opportunity to do reporting assignments on Long Island, in New York City and overseas.

In addition, students  are required to complete six courses in one of four Multi-Disciplinary Concentrations outside the journalism major to complement the journalistic skills and knowledge they are developing

These courses are intended to help students expand their perspectives in major areas of importance to journalists. They are: Public Affairs & Public Policy, Diversity & American Society, Science & the Environment, Global Issues & Perspectives.

Alternatively, majors may complete a Minor or a Double Major.

All students should consult with a journalism adviser as soon as possible to design an acceptable course of study.

Upper-Division Writing Requirement

All students majoring in Journalism meet this requirement by successfully completing JRN 490.

Transfer students

Transfer students may transfer up to 9 credits of equivalent journalism courses in which they have earned a C or better. Transfer courses will be evaluated individually by the Undergraduate Director for equivalency to courses offered by the School of Journalism.