Multi-Disciplinary Concentrations

Majors must complete six courses, including three upper-division courses, in one of the following four multidisciplinary concentrations. Students may substitute a course within a concentration or propose a new concentration with the permission of the Undergraduate Director. Specific multi-disciplinary concentrations and suggested courses are listed below. In lieu of a multidisciplinary concentration, students may complete a second major or a minor.

The purpose of the Multi-Disciplinary Concentration is to complement the journalistic knowledge and skills that students are developing. These courses, offered by departments around the university, are intended to help students expand their perspective in major areas of importance to journalists.

Students select one of four concentrations, each of which is designed to add breadth, depth and understanding to their reporting.

The four concentrations are:
Diversity and American Society
Global Issues and Perspectives
Public Affairs / Public Policy
Science and the Environment

Majors must take six courses outside of journalism, including at least three upper-division courses, in one of these four concentrations. What follows are lists of overview courses recommended by the School of Journalism.

Majors may substitute courses that fit the theme of their concentration or propose a different concentration tailored to their interests. Either option requires permission in advance from the Undergraduate Director. A concentration is not required for dual majors.

Please note:
▪ Many of these courses also count toward DEC or SBC categories, and students may choose and apply DEC or SBC courses towards the concentration. Courses carry only the assigned number of credits for the course.
▪ Not all courses are offered every semester.
▪ Check the Undergraduate Bulletin for prerequisites.
▪ Concentration courses taken prior to Spring 2013 remain valid.
Starting in Spring 2013, concentration courses must come from these revised lists or be approved by the Undergraduate Director.

Click here to view the Multi-Disciplinary Concentrations list of recommended courses .