The Daniel Conway Memorial Scholarship

2018 Daniel Conway Memorial Scholarship recipient Rachael Eyler, third from left, with Daniel Conway’s wife, Connie Conway, center, and family.

The Daniel Conway Memorial Scholarship rewards full-time journalism major who has a distinguished record in audio and/or broadcast journalism.

Dan Conway was a natural born storyteller.  Although he was not a reporter, he was married to one and some of it rubbed off on him.

He developed an uncanny knack to get people to talk about themselves and made people feel at ease by using humor and warmth.  It was a disarming quality that “good reporters” should strive for.  This scholarship will go to an outstanding broadcast reporter that either shows excellence in in feature/humor reporting or business reporting, yes business..though it’s sometimes hard to find the humor in that.  But Dan was a business major in college, and throughout his life he worked in business and he often used his humor to seal the deal.

Recipients must have a 2.8 Journalism GPA, exemplary work in audio and/or broadcast journalism as evidenced by 3-5 examples of outstanding work.


2019 – Rachael Eyler

2018  – Rachael Eyler