Undergraduate course retake policy

We have a demanding journalism program because we want to prepare you for a demanding – and very rewarding – profession. Our goal is to help you succeed and offer you timely assistance when you need it. To that end, please carefully read the journalism school’s revised policy on retaking courses.

In order to receive credit towards the journalism major or minor, JRN courses must be passed with a grade of C or better and S/U courses with an S.  If you receive a grade of less than a C or a U in a course, this retake policy will apply to you.

School of Journalism Undergraduate Retake Policy

  • A student who fails a JRN course for the first time is required to meet with Undergraduate Director Paul Schreiber to receive permission to retake the course. This will be an opportunity for students to discuss the reason for the poor grade and determine what help they need to improve in the future.
  • While meeting with the undergraduate director, students will read and sign a Course Retake Agreement in which they acknowledge that they are at risk if they do not achieve a C or better the second time they enroll in the course. Students who are unsuccessful in the second attempt in a course will be denied the opportunity to continue in the journalism program. (In other words, two strikes and you are out.)
  • The School of Journalism can limit the number of JRN courses a student can take while he or she is retaking a JRN course even though the student has met the pre- or co-requisites for those other courses. This is designed to maximize student success and will be discussed by the undergraduate director and the student.
  • Registration for new classes will be blocked if students do not meet as required with the undergraduate director.
  • A student who fails three different journalism courses also will be denied the opportunity to continue in the journalism program.
  • Students have the opportunity to appeal in writing to the Dean.


If you have any questions about this School of Journalism policy, please contact Professor Schreiber at paul.schreiber@stonybrook.edu