Journalism/Business: BA & MBA in 5 Years

Stony Brook University has launched a combined degree program linking an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism with a Master’s of Business Administration. The program is designed for students interested in enhancing their journalism careers with an advanced knowledge of business and for students interested in a business career with a great foundation in journalism.

The combination allows students to complete the 4-year BA and 2-year MBA in 5 years.

Students are not expected to come to the program with any previous business knowledge. Since there are no business background requirements, undergraduates who enroll in the program are comfortable with the learning material and enjoy the hands-on business experience they are getting. All students take an intensive 8-week program in the summer after their junior year, which allows them to take MBA courses in their senior year.

In their senior year, students take 15 MBA credits. In the following summer, students undertake a required internship in the area of business journalism. In their fifth year, students take 33 MBA credits to complete the 60-credit MBA program.

The MBA course work fulfills the required Multi-disciplinary Concentration in the Journalism major, effectively reducing the undergraduate journalism requirement by 15 credits.

Among the required journalism courses are JRN 333 –  Business Reporting and JRN 433 –  Business & Financial Seminar.

Admission to the program requires a GPA of at least 3.0, approval of the Director of the Undergraduate Journalism program and of the MBA Admissions Committee.

The BA+MBA is geared for high-achieving students who are mature, motivated and reliable..

Juniors interested in applying for this program should go to the College of Business web site at or go to the Office of Student Services, Harriman Hall, Room 102.


Total MBA credits: 60

Total Undergraduate Credits: 112