Advanced Certificate in Health Communications

SOJ Certificate In Health CommunicationsThis certificate program is designed to prepare public health workers, health professionals, journalists, and other communications professionals how to communicate health-related issues to the public directly or through the press. The certificate is offered jointly by the Program in Public Health and the School of Journalism.

The 18-credit certificate will help graduates qualify for employment in academic settings, research facilities, public health organizations, or health care institutions. Graduates also may serve as health communication experts in media, consulting and public relations settings. Working professionals will gain communication skills that will enhance their skills and help them advance within their fields.

Students must complete the following courses:

HPH 585 Introduction to Biostatistics & Epidemiology (4 credits)
HPH 500 Contemporary Issues in Public Health (2 credits)
HPH 508 Health Systems Performance (3 credits)
JRN 500 Introduction to News Media Concepts and Institutions (3 credits)

Each student is required to complete 6 credits from the following list:

JRN 501 Communicating Science to the Public: Distilling Your Message (1 credit)
JRN 502 Communicating Science to the Public: Writing to be Understood (1 credit)
JRN 503 Communicating Science to the Public: Improvisation for Scientists (1 credit)
JRN 504 Communicating Science to the Public: Using Digital Media (1 credit)
JRN 505 Communicating Science to the Public: Connecting with the Community (1 credit)
JRN 506 Communicating Science to the Public: Advanced Writing (1 credit)
HPH 551 Intro to Health Communication (3 credits)

Students can apply to the program throughout the academic year and will be able to matriculate in the Fall, Spring, or Summer.

For information about the Advanced Certificate in Health Communications, please contact:

Joanie Maniaci