Internship Memoirs

Stepping outside my comfort zone

By Greg Zarb | I interned at Long Island Business News from February through May, and I can honestly say that it was hands-down one of the best experiences of my young journalism career. I knew from the start that taking an internship at LIBN was going to be interesting and also challenging for me. […]


Invaluable Opportunities at WSHU

  By Rebekah Sherry | In the middle of my Junior year one of my upperclassmen friends told me that I should take JRN 393. He had taken the class and was then interning at WSHU. I was curious about the opportunity, but as the semester got busy I forgot about it.  When it came […]


I made a meaningful contribution

  By Vinny Ball | I’ve been a self-professed audiophile for a few years now, so I could not pass up the opportunity to couple my passion for audio with my interest in journalism by interning at WSHU.  This was my first internship in journalism, and there’s a reason for that. I was horrified at […]


Digging into local reporting

By Randall Waszynski |  My internship at the Long Island Advance in Patchogue was a great learning experience and considerably increased my confidence covering stories with several pertinent components and people. I also learned a lot experiencing working in a news workplace, having conversations with my editor and the staff reporter in depth about stories […]


“It was the best reporting I’ve done”

  By Nick Musumeci  |   At Long Island Business News, I learned many lessons about journalism and developed a host of skills. I was given real responsibility as a contributor to both the website and the weekly newspaper, and I am grateful for the opportunity. My experience at LIBN has helped me become a […]


Reach beyond the surface

By Briana Panetta Health news has always interested me, and I was absolutely thrilled to receive a scholarship that included an internship at HealthDay, a self-described “leading producer and syndicator of evidence-based health news, video and custom content to Internet sites.” During my time at HealthDay, I was responsible for posting on various social media […]


Internship opened my eyes

By Dorothy Mai I’ve never really considered radio as career path for me. However, when I was placed in JRN393 aka Audio Journalism Lab with Terry Sheridan, a door opened up for me. When I came to Stony Brook at a little freshman, I couldn’t have imagined what I was getting myself into by becoming […]


Finding her voice

By Gabriella Shtanko My time at WSHU public radio was far from what I expected. I had pictured myself grabbing anchors coffee and doing research on stories that no one else wanted to do, however the only time I grabbed coffee was when my responsibilities were draining me. WSHU didn’t treat me like an intern; […]


Learning my value, with help from Mika Brzezinski

By Kristie Kam “Every little thing you do matters,” Mika Brzezinski said to me on the first day of my internship. And it really does. This semester, I had the opportunity to work with Mika on her personal brand, “Know Your Value” – a community to empower women in business. Prior to this internship, I […]


Working hard to find my voice

By Michelle Toussant My first experience with radio was in 2012, my freshman year of college, at 90.3 FM WHPC. At the time I had absolutely no journalistic experience but began compiling news stories for the daily evening news broadcast. After about two weeks I was was offered the opportunity to join the station’s news […]


An Internship with a Slow Pulse

By Nick Spennato If I had to describe my internship at Long Island Pulse Magazine in a single word, I’d probably go with “simple.” Compared to the rest of this semester, which I’d describe as a cascading series of problems, my time at Pulse was refreshing. Work stayed there. It wasn’t something that would follow […]


Writing for radio

By Nicola Shannon No one likes the sound of their own voice, myself included. Interning at WSHU, I spent hours alone in a booth with my script and my voice, and after a while, I learned to appreciate and control my voice as a new journalistic medium. This process began with learning how to write […]


An Internship with Impact at CBS News

By Nikita Ramos During the fall semester of 2015, I visited the CBS newsroom for a Professional Friday trip. Since that day, I’ve been inspired to work in such a respected organization. Two years later, I can finally say that I’ve done it and I honestly feel like a changed person. At the beginning of […]


Practice Makes (Almost) Perfect at News 12

By Paul Harding After reflecting on the time I spent working in News 12 Long Island’s sports department, I could write any number of eye-grabbing ledes for this memoir. There were plenty of high-stress moments in the editing bay, a multitude of exciting games to cover and subjects to interview, even some embarrassing mistakes that […]


An internship at Mass Appeal

By Raghava Lakshminarayana The culture beat is unexplored territory for most journalism schools. The Stony Brook University School of Journalism is no exception to that rule. For me, for the most part, the journalism program at SBU was four years of mundane newswriting that threatened to crack my skull before I was done. The ledes […]



By Tim Oakes Entering the Stony Brook School of Journalism, I exclusively aspired to become a print journalist that wrote for a newspaper or online media organization. But after hearing about the great experiences that my friends had at WSHU Public Radio Group, I curiously applied for the fall internship. It was there that I […]


A Metro Memoir

By Taylor Ha It’s always been difficult for me to call myself a journalist. I hate poking my nose in people’s business. I prefer scrolling through National Geographic’s Instagram feed to leafing through “The New York Times.” But I love a good story. That’s why I became a features writing intern at the New York […]


Finding Out You Just Might Be Ready

By Nick Kalantzopoulos When I was accepted for my internship at Fios1 News and subsequently decided to take it, I was excited because it was my first real experience in television. I had already completed two off-campus internships, at Long Island Business News, a print newspaper, and WSHU, a public radio station. I had already […]


Well, just don’t miss your deadline

By Mike Adams About halfway through my time interning for The Smithown News/Northport Observer (I like to describe it as a “mom-and-pop media conglomerate”), a young man I was interviewing asked me whether I like doing what I do. “Well, I’ll put it this way,” I said. “I wouldn’t do anything else this many hours […]


Finding my voice at WSHU Public Radio

By Kunal Kohli Public radio’s mission is to inform the public on important issues that affect their communities and lives. There is little room for frivolous, irrelevant stories. Instead, journalists have to focus in on what matters. This is the case at WSHU Public Radio. The journalists there report on local politics, rallies and laws. […]


Learning a lot at Long Island Business News

By Kristie Kam As a dual major in business and journalism, I am always interested in business reporting. When I received an email about a summer internship position at Long Island Business News, I applied right away. This was my first internship at a local newspaper, so I really did not know what to expect. […]


Radio experience is definitely a plus

By Jill Ryan I interned at WSHU Public Radio. It was 10 weeks of hard work, but it was also fun. I attended my first protest demonstration and covered it for the station; I talked to so many officials that I cannot keep count; and I was able to hear myself on the actual radio […]


My Source Didn’t Get Back to me so I Got a Tattoo

By Jen Cooper Nothing went as planned. I spent my first day reading East Meadow Herald papers for five hours, afraid to speak up and ask for something else to do. I thought I’d be meeting my editor, touring the building, and getting my first assignments. However, my editor wasn’t in until much later that […]


A Summer Internship at Newsday: My First-Ever Office Job

By Dan Gatta I’ve had a job since the summer of 2008. I’ve had only that one job since 2008, and where I worked wasn’t an office or professional setting- it was on a golf course. At age 12, I began working as a caddy at Southward Ho Country Club in Bay Shore. I carried […]


East Meets West

By Brittany Bernstein My mother sits in Denver International Airport waiting for her connecting flight to Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is from here that she will journey an hour and a half north to the little city of Española. When she says this to the man sitting next to her in the airport, a former […]


The fight for local relevance

By Cameron Boon

Not everything is what it looks like on the outside. When looking into the sports broadcasting/journalism life, people see names like Bob Costas, Al Michaels and Jim Nantz, the voices for the world’s biggest sporting events, who tell the stories of some of the greatest athletes ever seen.


Internships Help You See A Bigger World

by Wenhao Ma

Having an internship is a great way to test and craft the skills that you learned from classes. Do not get deluded by the high grades you may have gotten in school. In the real world, things are quite different.


The Admirable Chaos of Entertainment Journalism

By James Grottola

I remember thinking, as I walked into the building where Maxim has its offices on the first day of my internship, “I’m going to be able to work with one of the most powerful names in the magazine world behind my back. I’m going to conquer the earth.”


At The Rush Hour Daily

By Michael DeSantis

With my internship at Rush Hour Daily having come to an end, it’s appropriate to reflect on all that I learned this summer.


A Complex and savvy internship experience

by Chris Gaine

When you think of a intern’s typical duties, the chores that often come to mind include getting coffee, answering phones or doing other miscellaneous deeds that the bosses don’t feel like doing. I am thankful that I did not have to do any of this during my summer interning for Complex Media’s sports channel.


Working at WSHU

By Christopher Cameron

Working at WSHU Public Radio involves reporting on tiny things like local fishing quotas, contributing to national stories for NPR, and everything in between. The challenge of working for local radio is to make the mundane interesting, and make the big stories small enough for people to understand.


Be prepared to be unprepared

By Abigail Wolfenberger

The first day of an internship is like the first day of anything. You’ve prepared days, weeks and even months for what you expect to happen in the next eight hours and the days following. Not a hair on your head is out of place, and not a hand on your wristwatch is slow. You have enough adrenaline and anxiety running through your veins to fill an atomic bomb, but you convince yourself that the only thing exploding today is your coworkers’ minds when they see how brilliant an intern you are. You’re ready.


Don’t be afraid

By Jager Robinson

My time at the Potter County News in Gettysburg, South Dakota showed me that the lessons about journalism that I’ve learned at Stony Brook are true: listen to your editor, and don’t call Republicans stupid. But the most important rule of all is never to be afraid of finding your voice.


Behind the Scenes at the Smithsonian

by Danielle Hall

The halls at the Smithsonian are quite literally like an unending labyrinth. The National Museum of Natural History is more than just a museum. Beyond the exhibit halls of echoing exclamations of excitement and shrills from unhappy children is an even larger area; six floors in two separate wings dedicated to research, storage of collections and your run of the mill offices. This is where I spent the last three months as an intern.


Interning – and hanging out with wildlife

By Lawrence Malindi Nzuve

When I made up my mind that I wanted to intern back home in Kenya, I got skeptical looks as well as some dismissive words. Why did I decide to go all the way back to Kenya to intern? Why didn’t I take up an internship in the U.S. where there are better opportunities?


A Summer At ESPN West Palm 

by Sarah Elsesser

I had just finished running three miles and dragged myself off the treadmill. It was time to hit the blue mats to stretch and finish with an abs workout.


At the Times Union

by Emily Benson

Even now, as I enter the final week in my internship, I find it hard to wrap my head around the notion that I am working at the Times Union.