Internship Memoirs

A new appreciation for public radio

By Joseph Ryder

Thinking back on the last few months at WSHU, I’m struck by the breadth of reporting I’ve been able to participate in. I’ve covered presidential candidates multiple times, covered Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s fight for paid family leave, covered the Long Island casino controversy extensively and produced a feature-length report on Long Island’s oyster farms.


Every experience is a lesson

By Melissa McCall

It is so easy to classify our experiences as either good or bad. The harder task, the task I consistently struggle to embrace, is finding the lessons hidden in all my experiences. My internship at New York Family magazine is no different.


Real-world production experience–and more

By Michaela Christman

After spending the Fall 2015 semester interning on “Mornings with Maria,” a Fox Business Network show with Maria Bartiromo, I had the opportunity to return to Fox News Channel to intern on the show “Fox & Friends” during the Spring 2016 semester.


It’s true: Hard work builds character

By Marshall Wayne Cooper

When I first came to Stony Brook, I knew I wanted to do something in journalism or media, but I wasn’t sure exactly what. When I took my first video class, JRN 215, I knew that I wanted to do broadcast and not print. I seemed to gel with it perfectly, seeing how I had always had a talent for editing videos since eighth grade.


Watching, listening, writing and learning

By Kyle Barr

My internship at Long Island Business News was my first time inside a professional newsroom, my first time writing breaking news stories for a specialized audience — in this case, Long Island’s business community. I saw how real experts in a field work.


Learning to see by observing

By Krysten Massa

Pictures are really important in journalism. Sometimes, seeing has a larger impact than just reading words. A good photo stands out, and I am walking out of my internship with Heather Walsh Photography a much better photographer than when I began.


Learning to make the normal look interesting

By Kelly Zegers

Interning with Heather Walsh was a great way to learn about photography, freelancing and how to present oneself as a journalist. Walsh is a freelance photojournalist who consistently works for Newsday and The New York Times. With her, I learned what it takes to make the normal look interesting.


Putting the sights on sound

By Julio Avila

During the Spring 2016 semester, I interned at NPR’s Connecticut affiliate WSHU. The station had just opened a new Long Island bureau to expand its Long Island coverage. It was a small bureau, not much larger than the lower newsroom at the School of Journalism.


Gaining technical skills and confidence as a photographer

By Joseph Ryder

Interning with freelance photojournalist Heather Walsh helped me grow as a photographer. Whether it be lighting a portrait or directing a subject, the internship has helped me elevate my style of photography and given me the confidence to walk into any type of assignment with my wits about me and capture stunning images


From ‘a little bit lost’ to ‘so comfortable’ at WSHU

By Emily Benson

I vividly remember the day that Dan Katz, the news director of WSHU in Fairfield, Connecticut, called me and offered me an internship position at the radio station. My initial reaction, though I restrained myself from saying it aloud, was, “Why?”


It’s more complex than what you get in a textbook

By Christopher Gaine

Learning out of a textbook can be useful. It can give you the foundational understanding of a subject. The journalism school here at Stony Brook has given me a terrific foundation of journalistic knowledge throughout my time here. But learning on the job has been equally valuable—if not more so—to my development as a professional.


CBS is amazing, but problems do arise

By Basil John

My first day into CBS was a cold one. It was about 23 degrees, but it was bright out. I took my ID, swiped through the gate and took a deep breath. I was walking through a hallway that has been graced with the presence of people such as Charlie Rose, Scott Pelley and Bob Schieffer, the on-air talent I aspired to be like one day.


Preparing for my Opportunity 

By Jasmine Blennau

At News 12 Long Island, I was a hybrid intern. Half of my time I was an editorial intern, and the other half I was a technical intern. This meant that I could learn all sides of what goes into making TV news. I worked in the control room and the studio, in newsgathering and editing, and on the assignment desk. Understanding the different roles people have in the newsroom was important to me because I wanted to figure out whether I could see myself in those roles one day.


Honing my skills in photo stories and feature writing

By Rachel Siford

In the summer of 2015, I interned for Times Beacon Record Newspapers. This was a valuable experience because I got to try things beyond what I have done at school. One of the most valuable things I took away from this internship was learning what it was like to work in an office.


The value of taking the initiative 

By Abigail Wolfenberger

As a journalism student, you try to picture your life outside the walls of your classroom. But what you come up with is really only a mixture of guesses and wishes. I’m not the same student I was before my internship at WJHL News Channel 11 in Johnson City, Tennessee, during the summer of 2015, and I’m definitely not the same journalist.


‘The Newsday Effect’ drives confidence

By Jimin Kim

Newsday got me hooked on journalism. Heading into my summer Newsday writing internship, I was web editing, producing video stories and managing social media. I wondered if classic writing and reporting was for me. After 10 weeks interning and publishing nearly 30 stories, I love writing and reporting.


Technical skills soared over the summer

By Julianne Cuba

Coming from a reporting internship at Times Beacon Record Newspapers this past spring semester, my summer internship at Westchester Magazine was very different. Both good and bad.


Seeking out a mentor

By Maggie Cai

As the spring 2015 semester came to a close I was on the prowl for an internship for the summer. I was a rising junior who was still unsure where I wanted to go in terms of journalism and afraid of rejection. By the beginning of March I was desperately searching for something of interest to me on various websites with internship listings.


Learning to take good advice and using it

By Megan Miller

When I first began this internship, I was riddled with nerves and anxiety. From the hardware to the software, I feared I was behind the curve. I dreaded going out on assignments because I was unsure of myself. Would the audio be okay? Would I forget something? Would an interview be out of focus? Would I break a lens?


Stony Brook’s training made my CBS internship sizzle

By Dahlia Ibrahim

When I applied for an internship at CBS News in October 2014, I thought it’d be a long shot, but I did it anyway. When I went in for my group interview the following month, I still thought it’d be a long shot—everyone next to me was from a name brand school, private and pricey. Among all the NYUs and Columbias around me, only two students were from a public university: me, and a classmate of mine.


I learned how important fact-checking really is

By Sheena Samu

During the spring 2015 semester, I interned with CBS News, at “CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley.” I spent two days a week at the research desk, working on that night’s broadcast. My job included checking scripts to make sure all the facts were correct and communicating with producers and reporters if anything needed to be changed. I was also responsible for helping producers with early reporting for future stories, finding the found information and sources that a reporter would need.


Writing for a newspaper

By Julianne Cuba

This semester, I interned for Times Beacon Record Newspapers. I wrote stories about local government, including Steven Bellone’s fourth State of the County address, a local civic meeting, and state funding for road repairs, and I covered feature stories about people, local shops and events.


NowThisNews Internship

By Tahseen Rabbi

China was the last place I expected to find opportunities for an internship. On the Journalism Without Walls trip to China in the summer of 2014, I found out about NowThisNews. It is a startup news company that targets several social media platforms.


Interning at the Council on Foreign Relations

By Hanaa’ Tameez

As a student-journalist, I find that it’s easy to get caught up in the news and events on campus. Whether I was working on a story for class or for the campus paper, those experiences have been incredibly valuable stepping-stones, which made interning at the Council on Foreign Relations such a humbling opportunity.


LIBN internship memoir

by Joe Malone

Long Island Business News is a weekly newspaper with three reporters and three editors. I first discovered Long Island Business News when I was e-mailed about the internship opening. I went onto and was impressed by both the website’s content and design. My impression from browsing was that the people behind it were savvy and it would be valuable to see how it is all done.


Entertainment at

By Lauren Fetter

Throughout my time at Newsday, my role as a web producer involved moving stories from print to web formats, writing several small stories of my own and using creative means to add more content to the site. I had known that taking on a web-based internship would be challenging and fast-paced because of the nature of the Internet. There is no down time, and the news cycle is always changing, even in entertainment. But just a few days in, I was asked to write several short pieces known as viral posts about topics that were trending on Google or Facebook.


Interning at HGTV Magazine

By Lisa Setyon

Right after interning for a start-up fashion magazine in the fall semester, I decided to apply for HGTV magazine where I got an offer for spring semester. From Day One, my two supervisors assigned me work. While primarily working at the features department, I also got the opportunity to look at other departments and the process of making a magazine.


NY1 Introduced Me to a Whole New World of Reporting

By Rolyne Joseph

The day that I walked into the office at NY1 News, my supervisor, Lindsey Christ, the station’s education reporter, had already put me into work. I thought I was going to sit around the office all day, running to get coffee, but that wasn’t the case. She sent me into the field.


NY1 Memoir

by Kareema Charles

At 11:45 a.m., I walked into Chelsea Markets and took the elevator to the sixth floor. Since I did not have an ID yet, I had to sign in by scrawling my name in a book. Then I opened the doors into NY1, a place I had envisioned myself interning for almost a year since touring the place during the Reporting in NYC class.


HGTV Magazine Memoir

by Sonaiya Kelley

Fresh off the heels of a summer internship with, I was offered the opportunity to intern for Hearst’s HGTV Magazine. While this internship was not explicitly journalism, I couldn’t pass up the chance to intern with Hearst, the publisher of several of my favorite magazines. In fact, I wanted it badly enough to commit two days a week to the internship on top of a course load that included JRN 370, JRN 364, and, most dreaded of all, JRN 490. It was going to be a rough semester, but for the chance to work at Hearst, or at least to have one shining “name brand” publication on my resume, I was willing to risk it.


Internship at the Council on Foreign Relations

by Heather Khalifa

Being a senior and ready to graduate, I can say with confidence at this point that I understand the role of a news organization and the job of being a journalist. I’ve worked at local papers and the campus paper long enough to understand standard editorial procedures and decisions. But I had never before worked at a think tank, where things are run much differently. It was a new experience, and I’ve learned a lot since first walking through the Council on Foreign Relation’s grand oak doors back in September.


A Healthy Dose of Real Reporting

by Alex Kramer

A quick glance into HealthDay’s Melville office does not give one the impression that this is one of the country’s largest health news outlets. It isn’t filled with constantly ringing phones and reporters scrambling to fulfill tight deadlines. At HealthDay, the newsroom is spread around the world. About 100 freelancer reporters contribute to the steady flow of health information.


Crosson Scholarship Internship

by Agata Michalak

Fall 2014 I started my Crosson scholarship Internship at Newsday, and News12. The rotating internship allowed me to experience print, online and TV news.


My News 12 Experience

by Jessica Suarez

I started learning from the minute I walked into the News 12 Studio to begin my internship. I was very fortunate to work with Elizabeth Hashagen, co-anchor of the morning show.


Reporter’s Assistant Gets To Do It All

by Jaclyn Lattanza

Before beginning my internship as a reporter’s assistant at News 12 Long Island, I was very excited for the opportunity to have a hands-on experience at my local television station.


Investigative Reporting Internship

This summer, I spent 112 hours sending and following up on FOIL requests to 96 incorporated villages across Long Island. The objective was to request the two most recent audited financial statements, adopted budgets and payroll information. Newsday has sent plenty of FOIL requests to towns for the same information and has been doing so for years, but the paper had never requested information from these tiny villages. My fellow intern and now dear friend, Lauren, and I were the guinea pigs.


My Internship at Patch

by Sonaiya Kelley

This summer I interned with as an editorial intern, by way of the Dow Jones News Fund.


Lost and Found In Translation

by Avesta Khursand

In January 2014, I did an internship at Voice of America’s Afghan Service, and I did exactly what I had prepared for during my years of attending Stony Brook University.