Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board is comprised of journalism student leaders dedicated to improving the student experience and bridging the gap between students and faculty.

We value the School of Journalism’s tight-knit culture. Our academic, professional, and social events are aimed at fostering and building strong relationships while centered around the initial interest in journalism and media.

We address common issues that students face, curriculum concerns and lend support to journalism students.

The SOJAB wants to hear from YOU! If you have any feedback, please complete our feedback form.

2018-19 Student Advisory Board

Toni Brogna, President

Aleeza Kazmi, Vice President

Guneet Singh, Secretary/Treasurer

Dorothy Mai, Outreach and Promotion

Rebecca Liebson, Faculty Outreach

Emma Harris, Transfer Student Representative

Rachael Eyler, Assembly

Brianne Ledda, Assembly

Sara Schabe, Assembly

The Student Advisory Board is looking for a Freshmen Class Representative. If any new students are interested in joining the SOJAB, please email the board at