First Professional Friday Trip of the Fall Semester


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by Ivana Stolnik

The School of Journalism’s first Professional Friday trip of the fall semester put students in the global “Nerve Center” meeting at the headquarters of the Associated Press and in the control room and on the set for the taping of “Lunch Money,” Bloomberg TV’s mid-day show.

Professors Dean Miller and Jonathan Sanders led the enthusiastic and ambitious group of 14 students, who were all assigned with specific tasks to document their experience (see below).

The first stop of the day was the Associated Press (AP), where students sat in on the morning worldwide meeting, during which AP coordinates stories from over 2,000 staff members. AP Deputy Managing Editor Tamer Fakahany and 25 members of the “Nerve Center” discussed the latest news with journalists from countries around the world over a video conference call. After the meeting, students met with Fakahany, who spent more time with the students than expected and answered all their questions about how to succeed in the journalism field.

Photo credit: Noah Berkowitz

Photo credit: Noah Berkowitz

Even though the students were impressed with Fakahany and the work atmosphere at the AP, they were even more excited for their next stop: Bloomberg TV. But first, they grabbed a quick lunch at The Palace restaurant.

At Bloomberg TV, everyone got an ID card with their picture on it at the security desk in the lobby. At noon, students met Bloomberg TV Senior Broadcast Producer Jason Farkas and were surprised by how young and easygoing he was. Farkas answered some questions and shared his own career experiences with the young journalists. Students noticed how informal the working scene at Bloomberg was and that all the offices there are made of transparent glass. Even the executives didn’t have private offices.

After the conversation with Farkas, students shadowed the live show “Lunch Money.” Half of the students observed from the set, while the other half sat in the control room. The groups then swapped places, so every student could watch the production from both locations.

An hour later, students met Kelsey, who just started to work for Bloomberg a year ago. She gave them a 30-minute tour of the Bloomberg headquarters, where 4,000 people are employed.

Photo credit: Noah Berkowitz

Photo credit: Noah Berkowitz

The tour ended little bit before 2 p.m. and the group left Bloomberg to catch the train to go back to Stony Brook. Everybody was exhausted, but pleased and proud to be a part of something so exciting. It was a chance for students to see what their future careers might be like and an opportunity to network.

Student contributions:
Nicole Beiner- overheads
Alexa Coveney- student comments
HaeLyon Lee- video
Noah Berkowitz- photos
Jasmine Blennau and Nicole Daniele Sims- count students
Briceyda Landaverde- signatures for “thank you” card
Joseph Malone- introductions at stop one
Andy Mai- videography
Kristy Gerlet- introductions at stop two
Nicole Donnelly and Imani Wood-Rodriguez- organize meal
Konstantin Pusnikov- organize maps and train passes
Ivana Stolnik- edit package after trip