Journalism Students Successful Second Professional Friday Trip


By Nujbat Meraji

[pullquote]I’d rather be a little late and right then first and wrong. – Patrick LaForge, Editor for News Presentation, NYT[/pullquote]On the second Professional Friday trip, organized by the School of Journalism, students from Stony Brook sat with staff members of CBS and the New York Times to understand how the world behind Journalism works.

Professors Dean Miller and Jonathan Sanders led the group of 14 students around New York City to these news organizations.

[pullquote]I want to sit in Scott Pelley’s chair!- Kristen Behr, SBU journalism student[/pullquote]CBS News Headquarters was the first stop, where they met Chairman, CBS News Jeff Fager, who is also the executive producer of 60 Minutes. He explained to students how 60 Minutes covers what is important while making it interesting for the audience.

Fager also taught the students the importance of being accurate and fair in reporting.

“We want to show we can win by using appropriate journalism,” he said.

[pullquote]We don’t write news to attract viewers. We cover what’s important and make it interesting. It’s about great story-telling. – Jeff Fager, Exec. Producer, 60 Minutes [/pullquote]Later, the students met Allison Pepper, senior producer of recruitment and development for CBS News. She focused on explaining to students the importance behind learning materials while in college rather than trying to get different experiences to add to one’s résumé. Pepper believes that a well-read person who understands why they want to be a part of an organization is one who succeeds.

The next stop for the students was the New York Times Company headquarters. Here, the students met Patrick LaForge, the editor for news presentation.

[pullquote]This is so cool. If you would have told me I’d do this when I was 11, I would have died. — Leah Winfield, SBU journalism student[/pullquote]As students followed LaForge’s presentation, they learned about the job of a copy-editor. He gave the students advice on being young reporters and how to learn from mistakes.

As the trip ended around 3 p.m., the students had proud and excited smiles spread across their faces. Students agreed it was an excellent experience to see where their future can take them.


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