The Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate journalism program has two components:

The Journalism Major

As technology accelerates the dissemination of news, information and disinformation around the clock and around the world, the need for well-trained and independent-minded journalists has never been greater.The journalism major program at Stony Brook is designed to prepare the next generation of journalists for careers in all forms of journalism.

The course of study emphasizes traditional journalistic values and skills, and the ability to succeed in a rapidly-evolving multi-media landscape. Students study news reporting, writing, editing and producing for all platforms. For more, click here.

The Journalism Minor

The journalism minor emphasizes knowledge and exposure to basic skills for students who seek an understanding of broadcast, online and print media but who are not necessarily planning careers in journalism or intending to major in journalism. Courses in the minor provide students with a broad introduction to journalistic principles and practices as well as an understanding of the role of journalism in society.

This program will be useful to students who are interested in sharpening their information gathering and analytical skills, improving the speed and clarity of their writing, and improving their ability to communicate in whatever career they pursue.