The Newsroom

The Newsroom at Stony Brook’s Main Campus

• Journalism students attend print, online and broadcast classes in the bi-level newsroom. All students produce work across multi-media platforms including audio, video and text and output products to a series of platforms that can reach traditional and non-traditional audiences.

• 38 dual-monitor MAC computers with the latest Apple and Adobe Software for advanced multimedia creation. Blazing fast computing that can easily keep up with ever-changing technology.

• A computer system so advanced, Apple uses our example for other schools to emulate.

• Shared storage that can hold up to 10,000 hours of HD video.

• Ability for students to log in on any computer station using their unique USB key and, essentially, make the computer their own. USB will contain all of their settings, their favorites, their documents and their own customization. They create the workstation that works best for themselves. Security of their material is very high since the students’ unique USB key is needed to get on the system.

• Ability for professors to use iPads and wirelessly connect it to the projector without being confined behind a desk or tethered to a cable. Great for using the iPad as a wireless camera to demonstrate proper framing and composition.

• Access to CBS News video through CBS Newspath’s internet delivery system.

• Mac iChat video conferencing software for distance learning and guest lecturers.

• Industry-standard Mac Final Cut Pro 7 and X video editing software suites.

• Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Premium, featuring InDesign, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator; through the program, Parallels, ability to run Windows and Windows applications simultaneously with MacOS.

• Ability to display students’ and teachers’ work on any/all desktops and on projection screen simultaneously.

• Ability to stream audio/video to any desktop or LCD display.

• Access to professional-grade field equipment including:
11 Sony HD video cameras
4 JVC HD video cameras
15 Canon video cameras
10 Nikon D7100 video/still photo cameras
30 Nikon D7000 video/still photo cameras
27 Canon rebel SLR still photo cameras
15 Audio recorders
10 Apple MacBooks – laptops
Miscellaneous accessories including wireless and wired microphones, tripods, etc

• Forty-foot news ticker facing outside and two twelve-foot tickers inside show latest local, national, international, sports and business headlines; six LCD monitors inside and three facing outside show news channels, broadcast networks or output of any workstation.

Computer Classroom with priority to Journalism – Main Campus

• Journalism School priority to classroom equipped with 34 Apple workstations
• Internet capability
• A/V projection

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