Professional Fridays in New York City

City-skyline copyStony Brook is the only public university in New York State with a School of Journalism and a short train ride to Midtown Manhattan, the center of the media universe.

Several times each semester, faculty members take a small group of students on a trip to observe two or more Manhattan newsrooms like the New York Times and the Associated Press. Throughout the day, students have the opportunity to talk to and network with working journalists and often spend their lunch hour with a Stony Brook alum.

The School of Journalism launched the Professional Fridays in New York City program in March 2013 with a trip to the Associated Press and Bloomberg News.

If you are a student interested in the Professional Fridays in New York City program, be on the lookout for sign up information in the weekly Monday announcements. The school will subsidize the cost of transportation and lunch, but there is a required $10 fee.

Click below to read about past Professional Friday in New York City trips:

March 23, 2018: Cheddar and NY1
October 13, 2017: Cosmopolitan magazine & Bloomberg News 
March 3, 2017: Vice News
November 19, 2016: The Daily News and 60 Minutes
October 28, 2016: Business Insider and WABC-TV
September 30, 2016: Bloomberg News and The New York Times

April 15, 2016: Buzzfeed and NY1

November 13, 2015:  60 minutes and CBS News

September 4, 2015: The New York Times and Quartz

April 10, 2015: CNN and NBC

October 31, 2014: ProPublica and The Daily News
October 7, 2014: CBS News and Al Jazeera America
September 5, 2014: Associated Press and The New York Times
May 9, 2014: Buzzfeed and NY1
March 28,2014: The Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press
Feb.7, 2014: CNN and Retro Report Organization
Nov. 15, 2013: Al Jazeera America, The New York Daily News and NBC News

Oct. 25, 2013: CBS and the New York Times
Sept. 20, 2013: The Associate Press and Bloomberg TV
March 1, 2013: Bloomberg TV and the Associated Press