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An internship with a professional news organization is vital for a student’s resume. While competition in the job market continues to increase, more and more potential employers prefer students have interned before considering them for a job. Off-campus internships are valuable for journalism students in many ways: They get to work in a real newsroom. They learn to work under pressure and deadlines. They often are pushed out of their comfort zones and into new experiences. And by working with and for professional journalists, they make connections with people who know people who can help them find that all-important first job.

A journalism major generally earns three credits by completing an internship with a professional news outlet. The journalism school faculty strongly encourages students to obtain one off-campus and more if possible. Many Stony Brook journalism students secure internships – during fall, spring, winter or summer semesters – at news organizations on Long Island, in New York City or in the greater metropolitan area. Some students obtain summer internships in their hometowns or in cities across the country.

A journalism faculty member serves as the internship coordinator, advising students and helping with contacts, applications and deadlines. The faculty coordinator also maps out all requirements for successful completion of the internship. Additionally, a member of the journalism faculty mentors each student during his or her internship.

Where Our Students Have Interned

Take a look at some of the places our students have held internships in the past.

Internship Memoirs

Read about the experiences our students have had in their off-campus internships.